Art Director, Matt Varnish, who assisted in the aesthetic design for the Danger Days and The Black Parade promotions and universe has uploaded some photos and info about the projects to his website.

The year is 2019. The place, Battery City, California. One corporation controls all, and one group of anti-heroes sets out to stop their nefarious ways, save a little girl and rock out hard. With Laser Guns. Gerard Way of MCR has amazing vision, and Varnish loves being asked to the creative party. For this album we created an entire world, fake Corporations, vending machines, magazines, dog food, racing patches, license plates, etc, etc… we even tricked out the ‘ 79 Trans Am that appears in the videos- and of course, we made cool Laser Guns. A special edition of 5,000 units was produced and allowed fans to own a replica of one of the four guns.


 G R A M M Y  A W A R D  N O M I N E E  2 0 0 7 . The Black Parade album packages and campaign are a testament to what focused vision and creative collaboration between seriously talented people can yield. Varnish worked closely with MCR’s visionary front man Gerard Way, fine artist James Jean, photographer Chris Anthony, and Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, corralling all their creative efforts into one of the most fully-realized creative works we’ve ever been a part of. The cohesiveness of the vision, style and execution created a memorable campaign, one that resonated well beyond the typical album life cycle.

More @ Varnish Studios

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