Friday, August 22nd at 11:09pm

PureVolume Sessions: Watch Frank Iero Perform 'Stage 4 Fear Of Trying' 

Friday, August 22nd at 10:49pm

NME Presents: The Story Of Gerard Way’s Solo Festival Debut

Friday, August 22nd at 10:19pm

Gerard Way Reading and Leeds Festival 2014 Full Aired Set

Friday, August 22nd at 10:51am

Gerard Way - No Shows Live at Reading Festival 2014.

Thursday, August 21st at 2:16pm



hey friends,

 wow i can’t believe it but, including today, there are only 5 days until we release ‘stomachaches’ the first record by frnkiero andthe cellabration on Staple Records and B.CALM Press! if you haven’t gotten the chance yet you can watch our video for weighted and/or listen to a stream of our second single joyriding now. you can also preorder the record on itunes, amazon, or get the cd or vinyl version here

 In the meantime, while we wait for monday…i wrote a piece and did an interview with always rad Music Radar, called 5 tips for guitarists which you can read now on their site

or if you possibly don’t want to read things with your eyes, and would rather use your ears…please feel free to take a listen to the new Going Off Track Podcast i did and also my interview on the GUNZ show. both of which were super fun to do.

  i can’t wait until monday, its a strange feeling building up to a release. there’s excitement and nerves and sleepless nights and at the same time complete and total exhaustion. i look forward to you all hearing the record and finally being able to set these songs free into the universe. i’ll be celebrating the release of stomachaches at one of my favorite record stores, Vintage Vinyl in Fords NJ. if you got a ticket for that event, i’ll see you there! if not i hope to see you in Howell NJ on Sept 6 or Philly PA on Sept 7 or on tour this fall with TBS and The Used.

until we meet again, keep the faith and savor the now. xofrnk

  thank you

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Thursday, August 21st at 11:28am

Ray Toro - FTLAB (Demo)

Thursday, August 21st at 11:14am

Official Links for Ray 

Instagram -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Soundcloud -

Google+ -

Youtube -

Thursday, August 21st at 11:08am

Ray Toro opens new website, announces solo venture 

Welcome to my website. Over the past two years, I’ve stayed mostly silent about what I’ve been up to.  It seems if you aren’t active on Twitter or Facebook you are considered erased, washed up dead on an endless shore of tweets, likes and favs.  I am here to tell you I am not dead.  In fact, I am very much alive.

The last two years has been a time of immense transition for me.  I’ve said goodbye to the old friend that was MCR.  I’ve spent my time learning how to write songs on my own, learning how to sing, and most importantly learning how to be a great father and husband.  Becoming a father has taught me countless lessons about life and love.  Hopes and dreams.  Who I am, and who I want to be.  Being a parent, you will see the best of yourself. And you will see the ugliest parts of yourself.  My wife has been right by my side in this school of hard knocks.  Through it all, she has taught me to look inside myself.  To better myself.  To believe in myself.

With all that said, I am pleased to announce I will be entering the studio next week with Doug McKean to track the first clutch of songs for my next project.  I am beyond excited to share them with the world.  I know that Doug will take my vision, and with the skill of a magician, help conjure it into reality.  Throughout the process, I will be posting pictures, audio teasers, and behind the scenes video, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed and website for updates!

Thank you all for visiting.  I do hope you stay awhile…


Thursday, August 21st at 11:06am

Frank Iero's top 5 tips for guitarists 

Thursday, August 21st at 11:05am

A recent interview with Frank via The Gunz Show

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